Butterfly Matrimony

A couple of days ago I stumbled across these two butterflies in our garden.  Being me, I immediately ran inside to grab my camera.  Here are some of my shots.


In going with my usual method, I started with a more wide angle view and then zoomed in.  In this photo I tried to showcase the brilliant green in the grass, and the butterflies’ unusual positioning.


Following that, I wanted a photo with a more abstract feel to it.  I tried to use the line of the orange wing to lead the viewer’s eyes into the photo. I also quite like the line of dots along the edges of the wings, which act as a make-shift border.


Upon closer inspection, I saw that the butterflies had these neon yellow protractions coming out of the front of their head.  Fascinated, I used them as the focus for this photo, using the antennae as leading lines.  (After a bit of googling, I discovered that these are called ‘palpi’ and are covered in scent-detecting sensors.)


A few hours later I returned to see if they were still in the same place.  To my great surprise, they were (despite the mid-afternoon thunderstorm!).  Using my flash, I tried to take a harsher, moodier image, while still portraying the water droplets on the insects’ wings and their patterning.


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