Forests, Fungi and F-stops: South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal Coastline (Part 2)

Though I tried to focus on photographing the beach, I’m afraid the (rather large) part of me which adores macro photography managed to take over at the sight of the gorgeous little forest next to our hotel.

IMG_4777 copy

As soon as I saw these leaves, littered all over the floor of the forest, I thought of shape and texture.  I love the way the veins of the leaf really stand out, and I think the bit of beach sand on the leaf simply adds a different texture rather than taking away from the image.  I used Photoshop Elements 10 to change the photo into black and white.


Another photo from the forest – though this one was in a tree.  The main thing I love about this photo is the light – with an almost golden glow around the top of the mushrooms and the wonderfully shaped (though harsh) shadows underneath the fungi.  My only regret is the little mushroom on the side which is completely in shadow.


For this photo, I used a technique called ‘free-lensing’.   This is when you remove the lens from the camera body and hold it apart from the camera, producing light stains.  In this instance, I wanted to add a fairytale-like aspect to the photo, drawing on the classic fairy- toadstool idea.


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