Wildlife 101

From this month, I have decided to try out a new feature – a monthly Featured Topic, involving my latest photographic interest.  I will have a different post every week (or so) on that subject, be it what it may.  This month, my Featured Topic is Wildlife.

I have always had a rather large space in my heart for animals (in fact my compassion for them often overrides any I have for my fellow Homo sapiens).  As I am similarly inclined towards nature, one of my favourite holiday destinations is the bush.  My family and I have been travelling to game reserves since I was a tiny baby – I started spouting facts and scientific names about the animals found there at around the age of seven or eight.  It was also there that I discovered photography (in the form of a little, yellow, film, throw-away camera).

This photo was taken in a small zoo in Las Vegas. It is good to keep in mind that wild animals can be photographed in captivity just as well as in the wild, for that large majority of us who don’t happen to live near a Game Park (not that I support zoos!).  When photographing captive animals, leaving out fences can give the impression that the animal is in the wild, while including fences adds strong emotions to the photo – such as feelings of loneliness, abandonment, etc..

If you are going to a Game Reserve, however, here are some quick tips:

  • Be prepared to go out early, stay out for most of the day, and go to bed late – you never know what you might miss while sleeping.
  • If you are like me, and enjoy photographing everything you come across, I recommend you go on your own drives.
  • Nevertheless, I would suggest you go on a couple of the park’s Game Drives as well – you are much more likely to see some exciting animals than if you’re by yourself, as the rangers report sightings and know the animals’ habits.

Be sure to check out next week’s post, as I will be discussing settings to keep in mind when photographing wildlife.


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