Sunset at Heia Safari Lodge

Earlier this year, I began an outdoor photography course.  Unfortunately, I was sick during the last two sessions – one of which was an outing at Heia Safari Lodge.  The catch-up outing took place last Sunday afternoon.

The afternoon was spent photographing the animals near the chalets, as well as capturing Lake Heritage and the sunset.  As it was cloudy, the sunset wasn’t as richly-coloured as we’d hoped it would be – however, I still enjoyed myself and managed to take several shots I was happy with.

The zebras we photographed were tame enough that we could get very close without disturbing them.  I loved the patterns created by their stripes, especially after I changed the photos into black and white (which was done in Lightroom5).  And look at those eyelashes!

The day was very windy, but in the end that turned out to be surprisingly beneficial in that it made for some interesting shots.  These were taken on continuous mode, after a gust of wind – pity about the telephone poles in the background, but perhaps I’ll be able to clone them out in photoshop later on.

A couple of giraffes were eating out of an elevated feeder – nothing unusual, right?  Until I found out that the one giraffe (which had no horns) had been hit by lightning!  My heart went out to the poor guy, who behaved none-the-worse-for-wear, simply continuing its meal while I watched.


Lake Heritage contained a small waterfall, which I occupied myself with for a while, playing around with different shutter speeds.  In the end, this was my favourite photo – I like the triangle formed by the two sticks.


I left shortly after taking this photo at 7 PM.



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