Old Joe’s Kaia: Food and Styling Workshop

I recently attended a food photography workshop at Old Joe’s Kaia.  I’ve never been a huge foodie, but it was still right up my alley, especially the styling side of it.

The workshop started off with a discussion on Friday evening.  Then, after breakfast on Saturday morning, we had another discussion before starting the practical.

We were separated into groups of three or four, and assigned to a scene.  The first one was a berry pavlova, which was lit with natural backlighting and a couple of reflectors:


Second was another pavlova, also lit with natural light, with a teapot made out of complementary colours, and many leading lines which draw the eye through the photo: 


Finally, the third scene was of a bowl of grapes, which was backlit with studio lighting and front-lit with a fill light:


Once we were finished with the pre-set-up scenes, we were given free-range outside with some bits and pieces. I started by playing with an old vase, some moss, a piece of string, and some tomatoes:


Next, I took some cookies and used a mosaic as a leading line and a rose for some colour:

imageMy last photo before lunch was of some old bottles, the same mosaic, a meringue and some pomegranate seeds for colour (note the complementary colours between the red and green):


I’ll be posting the photos from Saturday afternoon next week.


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