Old Joe’s Kaia: Food and Styling Workshop Part 2

As I mentioned in a recent post, I went on a food photography workshop a few weeks ago.  This is a continuation of that post.

After a delicious lunch on Saturday afternoon (the food was amazing, so from now on you can assume that any meal I mention has the word ‘delicious’ as a prefix) we had a photography session in the kitchen.  A number of different scenes were set up, with a simple lighting set-up – they were side-lit with a speed-light behind an umbrella.  This sort of food photography is known as “dark food” – it is moody, low-key, and minimalist.

We then went on to do more, similar photography, but this time showcasing the plates that the ingredients were on.  The scenes were side-lit with a single medium-sized softbox.

Using the same lighting, we tried a fun, still-but-moving picture (which is my way of saying a still picture with the illusion of motion).


I later entertained myself with some fairy lights hanging over the windows (while using f1.8).


I’ll post Sunday’s pictures soon (you can look forward to chocolate cake!).


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