Old Joe’s Kaia: Food and Styling Workshop Part 3

I recently went on a food photography course – this is my third and last post about that weekend.

Sunday morning’s breakfast consisted of fruit, muesli, and yoghurt. We took vertical photos of it in order to emphasise height. The photo was back-lit with natural light, and front-lit with a reflector. Note the orange in the place-mat, the fruit, and the background, which leads one’s eye through the image.


This is a chocolate-chilli cake, taken with the same set-up as the breakfast.


Our next plate was of a stereotypical breakfast, also back-lit naturally and front-lit with reflectors. Observe how the maroon patterns on the tablecloth draw your eye through the photo.


Next we photographed some gorgeous cottage pies using a studio light from the back and a fill-light from the front.


My last photo before we left was of a naturally side-lit piece of fish. The background was an old stove-top.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few posts. Check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them!


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