Nan Hua Buddhist Temple

In February, I went to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple with a group of photowalkers.  The temple wasn’t my style, but I still found it majestic. I was impressed by the tranquility of the place, present despite its vibrant colours.

One of the photographers brought ‘props’, which we used as foreground COIs.

Many ‘Fu Lions’ lay around the outside of the building. These are believed to be mythical beings with protective powers. I found them to work wonderfully with the very high contrast, midday lighting.

I found several other, intricate carvings, which I also loved.

It was equally lovely inside the temple.

Some writing instruments had been set out, with which people could write their thoughts and prayers (I think).

I would highly recommend the Nan Hua Temple for anyone who enjoys interesting architecture, learning about different cultures, or is simply looking for some peace and quiet.


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