Full moon light painting at Northcliff Eco Park

My first photowalk in March was to Northcliff Eco Park, where a member of Joburg Photowalkers hosted a light-painting evening.  As someone who has never done painting with light, but wanted to do so for a while, I was a bit disappointed – I had fun, but the results were a bit too unpredictable for my liking.

The hill upon which the park is based had a stunning view, especially seeing as I was lucky enough to arrive before the sun had fully set. (I posted this for week 10 of my 365 project.)

One of the photographers had brought a light wheel, which we used with varying patterns and colours. I particularly like the way the green light surrounded the water tower in the one photo (I admit I moved the water tower very slightly in Photoshop).

We also used a couple of other lights:

I took a couple more cityscapes on the way back to the car.

image image

I would highly recommend Northcliff Eco Park to anyone looking for a peaceful picnic/short walk. The scenery from the hill is beautiful, and ideal for city photography.


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