Irene Dairy Farm Challenge

In mid-March, I took part in a “photo challenge” with Nextgen Photo Academy at Irene Dairy Farm.  I last went to the farm when I was too young to remember it, so I found it a very interesting and enjoyable experience.

We had fourteen different challenges to choose between – we could do as many or as few as we wanted to. Our photos were then reviewed a few nights later.

Get low:

Task: to change your perspective by ‘getting low’ and aiming upwards at your subject.

Environmental portraiture

Task: Capture an image of people in their environment.

While I’m not usually a fan of portrait photography, I couldn’t resist when I looked up from behind an old tractor and saw this…the finger up the nose was just an added bonus!



Task: use elements such as line, shape, and texture to produce an abstract, arty image.

These are a couple of my favourite photos from the excursion – though I have been trying to take a photo of a spider-web for so long now, that the eventual result was a tad anti-climatic.


Task: Take an image where the shadow of an object is the main subject.


Create mood:

Task: combine environmental elements and photography techniques to produce a moody image.

As I think almost all good photos have a moody element to them, I found I was easily inspired for this challenge.  In the end I used this gorgeous little guy as my model, a job which he seemed to take very seriously; he paraded around his pen crying plaintively and looking mournful the entire time I was there.

Wide angle animal portrait:

Task: effectively use the distortion provided by 10-20mm focal distances to capture an animal portrait.


While I was there I also had my hand suckled on for nearly twenty minutes:

…and I did some exploring, which turned up a few interesting composures:

I would highly recommend the Irene Dairy Farm to animal-lovers, and photographers interested in animal portraiture, macro photography, environmental portraits, and even landscape photography.


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