Project 365: Week 20

Despite deciding at the beginning of the week that I wasn’t going to theme my images, I later realized that I had inadvertently created an ‘antique’ theme.

10 May

Sunday, 10 May

The Druid’s viewfinder – I have taken several photos of clovers this year, and yet this is the first time have have properly managed to acheive the desired effect. I placed my LED light on the soil, aiming upwards, to create the beautiful backlight. I particularly loved the colours produced by shining the light through the leaves.

11 May

Monday, 11 May

The venation of a monocotyledon –  Unfortunately, as I took this quite late in the afternoon (when I would be able to achieve sufficient contrast with my LED light), I had to  sacrifice my shutter speed, and therefore the image has some hand-shake.

12 May

Tuesday, 12 May

Seaside carapace – I set this shell up on a dark surface indoors, and then positioned my LED light to camera left. I was very pleased with the result; it is very much my kind of photography; minimalist and low-key, with an emphasis on texture.


Wednesday, 13 May

Perceived invulnerability – this is a close of a tree in our garden, side-lit with my LED light.  It reminds me of a metaphorical mental shield, meant to protect the softer core from the worlds’ dangers.

Thursday, 14 May

Thursday, 14 May

The wanderer’s tool of choice – this compass does not look nearly this ancient in real life, but a very high ISO, some dust covering the glass, side-light to illuminate the dust, the ‘Antique’ preset in Lightroom, and a full but basic edit, and I had this!


Friday, 15 May

Literary abstract – unlike in the previous photo, this book actually is quite old, but I treated the photo in a similar way; with a high ISO, side light, and the ‘Antique’ preset.


Saturday, 16 May

When the clock struck twelve – this is a fairly new necklace of mine, which I bought while on holiday in San Francisco.  I shot it with fairly harsh backlight, and then applied the ‘Creamtone’ preset in Lightroom. Several Adjustment brushes later, and I had my final result.


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