Project 365: Week 27

This week I again focused on photographing my two guinea pig boys. I’m playing around with the idea of creating a guinea pig calendar including them (and hopefully a few others), with all proceeds going towards the rescue association which I adopted them from. If anyone has any suggestions, or any experience with creating calendars, I’d love to hear from you.

Monday, 28 June

Sunday, 28 June

Literate piggy – I love Rusty, but I’m afraid he really is not photogenic; simply because, despite happily gobbling up his treats, he either freezes up or runs away from the camera.  I got the inspiration to do this image from Joey Phoenix, and might try it again at some point with Spike.

Tuesday, 29 June

Monday, 29 June

The Gamer – I’m still not entirely sure where I was going with this image; basically, I wanted high contrast, and a bold pop of red.

Tuesday, 30 June

Tuesday, 30 June

Spooled threads – I had originally planned a scene including Spike wearing a little thimble…well, needless to say I won’t be trying that again.  In the end, this is what I came up with.  My flash was bounced off the wall to camera right.

Wednesday, 1 July

Wednesday, 1 July

Indistinct melodies – I lit this with back-flash bounced off the ceiling, and achieved the extremely shallow depth of field by using the reverse-macro technique.  I’m still not sure about the composition, but I tried to follow the diagonal method (when lines are placed diagonally to draw the eye).

Thursday, 2 July

Thursday, 2 July

Shadow junction – I know, I know, leaves again, but I couldn’t resist.  My flash was held above and at an angle, creating backlight without being included in the photo.  I absolutely love the shadows created by the overlapping leaves, and I think the little black sporangia also add to the shot.

Friday, 3 July

Friday, 3 July

Working it – Yes, Spike is a boy, but doesn’t he look adorable?! I hung a pale pink blanket on the wall behind him and on the table underneath him, and then bounced flash over his head.

Saturday, 4 June

Saturday, 4 June

Feeling blue? – I decided to try again with Rusty, this time against a blue background.  I used a similar setup as with Spike’s image, but the light was bounced from the side and ceiling.

I’d love to hear any suggestions for the calendar; you could leave a comment below or email me at


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