One Photo Focus – August

After weeks (months?) of admiring the images at Stacy Fischer’s After-Before Friday, I finally persuaded myself that I should join in.  For those of you who don’t know, After-Before Friday is an event which allows photographers to share their processed images, and, if they choose, their post-processing steps. On the first Friday of the month, all participants have the opportunity to edit the same photo in the “One Photo Focus” challenge.

This week the photo was submitted by Katie Prior, from Drawing with Light.

1. I opened up the image in Photoshop, and removed the people using the spot-heal tool.

Step 1

2. I replaced the sky using one of my own images which I took on a stormy day.

Step 2

3. In order to blend the rest of the image with the sky, I opened it up in Camera Raw, darkened the image, and increased clarity and contrast.  I also added a gradient, to selectively darken the mountains.

4. I then added a rainbow.  To do this, I created a new layer, and added a gradient (“Russell’s rainbow”, found under Presets > special effects). I used free transform (Ctrl+t) to move the gradient until I was happy with its position.

Screenshot (1588)

5. As I didn’t want the rainbow to cover the entire length of the image, I added a layer mask, and, with the Foreground Colour set to black, I painted out the unwanted areas.  To reduce the strength of the effect, I changed the layer’s blend mode to ‘screen’ and reduced the opacity of the layer.

6. Finally, I made some basic adjustments in Lightroom; decreasing the highlights and blacks, and increasing clarity and the whites.  I also added a selective adjustment to parts of the pier, and added a vignette to the edges.

Once again, the before vs the after:

I hope you enjoyed my edit!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the end result.

9 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – August

  1. I didnt know you could add rainbows like that, what an awesome tip, thankyou! And welcome to the challenge 🙂

  2. Teach you did, Ashleigh! I had no idea a rainbow was buried within PS. Great idea and perfect execution of it. I really do think Laura is kicking herself for not thinking of it too 🙂 Thanks so much for taking part in 1PF. Looking forward to learning and seeing more from you!

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