One Photo Focus – September 2015

After-Before Friday is an event which allows photographers to share their processed images, and, if they choose, their post-processing steps. On the first Friday of the month, all participants have the opportunity to edit the same photo in the “One Photo Focus” challenge.  This is my second time participating.

This week the photo was submitted by Ben Rowe, from Aperture64.

I can’t remember my exact editing process, but this is the gist of it.

  1. I opened the image in Photoshop and duplicated the background image.  Then I applied a Gaussian blur filter to the copy.
  2. I selected the sky (Select > Colour range > Highlights), copied the selection into a new layer, converted it to a Smart Object, and added a Camera Raw filter to darken the sky.
  3. To create the water droplets, I opened a rainy texture, which I downloaded off the internet, into the Photoshop document. I changed the blend mode of the rain to Lighten, and decreased the opacity.

4. I created a new layer, and added a cloudy filter (Filter > Render > Clouds).

5. In order to create the streaks, I downloaded a streaky texture off the internet:

With the blacks selected, I created a layer mask on the layer with the cloud filter.  (Therefore rendering only the cloud in the selection visible.)

6. Then, I added a layer mask to the water droplets and painted black over the position of the castle.  I selected the black in the layer mask, and added a layer mask to the background copy layer.  I painted over a part of the cloud’s layer mask, removing some of the streaks in front of the castle.

7. Finally I opened the image in Lightroom, and performed basic adjustments on it, including reducing the saturation.

Once again, the before vs the after:

I hope you enjoyed my edit!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the end result.

13 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – September 2015

  1. I love the rainy texture..and the edit to make it look like you finger-brushed clean the windshield to get a better view of the castle! I will have to cruise the internet to find these textures!

  2. Ash, have only just found your site. Happy to ‘meet’ you 😃
    I really like your edition of Ben’s image. Love that rainy, smudged window. So creative!

  3. I love the look of this, so original! It looks like you’re looking towards the castle from the car window, waiting for the rain to stop so you can go out and explore! Really clearly explained too, Thanks.

  4. This image made me laugh. Normally visiting England the weather does not comply with our wishes, like with your picture. However this time we had quite good weather apart from this day when it was slightly overcast in the afternoon.

  5. Ashleigh, this is just brilliant! So many memories of being in a car and wiping away the condensation to see a site. I love the vision you had, and of course, wondered how in the heck you achieved it. Thanks for sharing your steps 🙂

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