Project 365: Week 48

I’ve spent a lot of time on macro-type photos the last few weeks, so this week I focused on portraiture instead.


IMG_1389 copy-4.jpg

Monday, 23 November

Aglow – Unfortunately for her, my mom served as my first subject. I lit this image by bouncing my flash off the ceiling and filling in with a reflector.


Tuesday, 24 November

Looking up – A high angle is very flattering for most portraits, particularly for people of a certain face shape.  I lit this with a flash through an umbrella, which was positioned just outside the frame of the camera to maximise the softness of the light.


Wednesday, 25 November

Repose – This is Rusty again; though he isn’t especially photogenic I think he looks good against a plain background.


Thursday, 26 November

Little mouse – This is baby Charlie; though he has more than doubled in weight since his last shoot, he still reminds me of a tiny mouse.


Friday, 27 November

Leading lady – I was very grateful when my best friend allowed me to photograph her on Friday; black skin responds wonderfully to harsh light, which is my favourite kind of lighting.


Saturday, 28 November

Big dog or little lady? – On Saturday I did some community service with Animal Allies – they hosted a vaccination day in a local informal settlement, and I documented the event while helping out. The weather was perfect; the overcast sky acted as a giant softbox. This comedic couple ended up as a feature in my favourite image.


Sunday, 29 November

Au naturel – This was just a quick shoot on Sunday afternoon; I positioned my mom so that the background consisted of pearly green and blue bokeh.

Enjoy the rest of your week! I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my images.


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