Project 365: Week 50

I am happy to report that I managed to scrape up a theme of ‘fire’ this week, based on the fun I had with last week’s Ghost Breath image.


Monday, 07 December

Santa piggy – Rusty was quite happy  to start getting into the Christmas spirit this week – he seemed to find this hat pretty comfy, and was soon settled in.  I bounced my flash off the wall to camera right, and applied a vintage tone curve effect in Lightroom.


Tuesday, 08 December

Ablaze – this ended up as my least favourite image of the week, mostly because it least resembles what I wanted to create.


Wednesday, 09 December

Fire worship – in this image I wanted to represent the idea of people bowing down to worship the power of fire.  I superimposed the smoke on top of the image to add some drama.


Thursday, 10 December

The Elements -I’ve seen many photos of the classic four elements – earth, water, air and fire – on 500px, and have long wanted to create my own version. I placed my flash, behind an umbrella, parallel to the glasses on camera left.  I photographed the fire and smoke separately and then added them as layers in Photoshop.


Friday, 11 December

Holy bokeh – while I’m not religious, I thought this sort of fit into both of my themes – fire and Christmas.  No actual fire was involved; to create the bokeh I positioned several crumpled bits of tin foil behind the necklace, and aimed my flash at it.


Saturday, 12 December

Will you marry me? – this is another repeating image that I saw on 500px – a simplified, more minimalist version of my previous image.

Enjoy the rest of your week – as always I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my images. Prepare for lots of photos from my upcoming trip to Botswana next week!


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