Project 365: Week 51

I had a wonderful week on the Namibia/Botswana border; my parents and I stayed at a lodge on the Chobe, and went on boat rides up and down the river.


Sunday, 13 December

Smoky rim – This was taken on the eve of our trip; the mug was shot with side/rim light and I superimposed the smoke on afterwards.  I added the slight purple hue in Lightroom.


Monday, 14 December

Dumbo on defence – These elephants were headed for a refreshing swim when they were intercepted by some baboons.  The baby in the herd was taking none of it; I managed to capture the moment when he/she mock-charged at these two baboons (who really were just minding their own business).


Tuesday, 15 December

Monkey hugs – I spent some time one afternoon following a few monkeys around the camp.  Though they generally managed to elude my lens, I was able to get this shot through the trees.  I love the way the leaves transformed into bokeh.


Wednesday, 16 December

From the centre of the Earth – This is a new trick I decided to try after I saw this tutorial on 500px ISO.  Basically, I turned a simple panorama into an abstract ‘mini-planet’.


Thursday, 17 December

Sundowners on the Chobe – I took this as we set out on the afternoon boat ride; the sun was just past it’s apex, creating that stunning rim light while keeping the background lit as I wanted it. I used a Rogue Flashbender to bounce my flash back into my mom’s face.


Friday, 18 December

Battle-worn – This fallen warrior was calmly munching grass on the banks of the river when we passed by.  He was quite nonchalant when we approached, allowing us to stop a mere couple of metres away. He was a sorry sight – missing half of his boss and with one blind eye.


Saturday, 19 December

Cherubic – This is one of our Christmas decorations, which I jazzed up by superimposing a backlit splash image on top of it.


Sunday, 20 December

Enobaria – This was a really fun shoot; I painted my face with smudged eyeliner, messed up my hair and fabricated my best “scary monster” face. I changed my eye colour in Photoshop, and added sharp points to my teeth (like the lovely Enobaria in Catching Fire).

A very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! As always I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my images.


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