Chobe – Wildlife

My family and I recently went to the Ichingo Chobe River Lodge for a week; we stayed on the Namibian border and went on a cruise up the river every morning and evening.

I have so many decent photos from the trip that I decided to split the posts into categories (in conjunction with my blogging revolution to write shorter posts).  This post features most of my wildlife images.

Several weeks before the trip I got a new telephoto lens; a gorgeous Canon 70-200mm f2.8, good for everything from wildlife to food to portraiture.  I experimented with it a little bit before we went, but it was only on the trip that I really began to appreciate its full capabilities.  The quality is amazing, and a huge aperture ensures fast shutter speeds, beautifully shallow depth of field to blur both the background and any objects in front of the subject, perfect for drawing the viewers’ eye to what is really important.

Ok, so this turned into a bit of a love story… essentially, the lens is fast and the quality allows users to crop to nearly 100%.  The only downfall was the cost, and I would eventually like a 2x converter.


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