Animal Allies – Sterilisation day

Last month I joined Animal Allies in Katlehong township, where they hosted a sterilisation day; basically, this entailed providing members of the township with free, on-site sterilisations for their dogs and cats. I’ve done similar work before, but I was nevertheless shocked by the conditions those animals are living in, and the overwhelming ignorance surrounding them.

The surgeries took place in a make-shift classroom / operating-theatre at a community centre in Katlehong. About eight or nine vets helped out, along with numerous veterinary nurses.

The room was lit with stunning window light, which made for some great silhouettes.

This little dog just about broke my heart.  He was emaciated, and covered in mange.  I can only imagine the pain he was in, and yet he was friendly and eager to play. At the end of the day, some vets from Bromhof Veterinary Clinic were kind enough to take him back with them, and he has since recovered.

Altogether, 72 dogs and 12 cats were sterilised. How incredible is that?!


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