Raggy Charters boat cruise

At the end of June my parents and I went holidaying in Port Elizabeth.  Our first stop was the Algoa Bay Yacht Club, from which we set out on Raggy Charter’s Penguin Island Boat Cruise, from the PE harbour to St. Croix Island.


We had some incredible sightings – a plethora of sea birds, two types of whales, some seals, and a pod of bottlenose dolphins.

This is a bryde’s whale, which kept frightening the poor birds.  I really struggled to get a picture of it – it only surfaced for a couple of seconds at a time, and after resurfacing it moved to the opposite side of the boat. In the end these were my best two.

Most of the penguins were out for their daily swim, but we had some good sightings of these cormorants on the Island

All of the above images were taken using my Canon 1100D, with my 70-200mm f2.8 lens.  I’d love to hear any comments and critique on my photos.


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