Cinderella Ballet

Last month, the Joburg Theatre hosted a photoshoot at the Cinderella Ballet final dress rehearsal.  This is the second ballet I’ve had the opportunity to photograph, and I’ve really taken a shine to the genre.  (Earlier in the year I attended the Giselle Ballet final dress rehearsal.)

The two ballets had a very different feel to them – while Giselle was eerie and mystical, Cinderella had a whimsical, humorous nature.  The latter is not something I usually incorporate in my photography, but I enjoyed the challenge.

The ugly stepsisters were the highlight of the show – especially the one portrayed below.  ‘She’ (actually a man dressed in drag) aced the comical, overdramatic facial expressions which were crucial to the role.

The show also contained a couple of quiet scenes, depicting Cinderella’s despair and feelings of loneliness.

Then, of course there was Cinderella’s fairy godmother, and the iconic carriage…

…followed by the ball, and the lost slipper.

The court jester kept the crowd entertained during the hunt for the slipper’s owner.

Finally, the prince was reunited with Cinderella, and all was well with the world – once again, a brilliant performance at the Joburg Theatre!



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