The Kruger’s Wilderness Trails include a daily morning hike and a shorter evening walk or sundowner.  After a tiring morning, our group opted for sundowners the first evening.  Our guides drove us to a tranquil viewpoint, from which we could enjoy the sunset over one of the few rivers which have survived the drought.


Nyalaland Wilderness Trail

In September we visited the Nyalaland Wilderness Trail, an isolated tented camp near Punda Maria Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park. The camp was in a beautiful and serene setting, overlooking a lovely river. A must-do for any reasonably fit nature lovers… who don’t mind a couple of days without electricity or running water!

Magaliesburg macros

Over the Christmas holidays, my family (my parents, 2 guinea pigs, and 3 beagles) and I stayed for a few nights at Saamrus Guest Farm in Magaliesburg.

The countryside around Saamrus is full of wonderful little critters.  These vibrant locusts were everywhere, leaping from blade to blade:


At first sight, this locust might look far more prosaic than the above; but up close, it appeared to be carved from speckled marble. I photographed him inside our cottage, against a cream wall, with both my on-camera and off-camera flash.

This is the last of my images from our trip to Saamrus Guest Farm.  If you’ve kept up with my posts from the trip, thank you – if not, you can see them here: